Care + Maintenance

Everyday Care and Cleaning

Use a lightly dampened cloth with warm water only to remove dirt and dust. Over time if the piece begins to look and feel dry to the touch oiling the surface is recommended. Christian Woo uses an ecological, solvent free oil. A small bottle has been included with your furniture purchase. The treatment should be applied with the supplied white scotch pad. Allow time for the oil to soak about 15 minutes then wipe off completely with the supplied cotton cloth. Repeat as often as necessary.

In time a natural patina may develop depending on the amount of wear on the piece. We admire this richness added to the material.


Treatment of Mild Stains

To treat mild stains you may need to sand the stubborn area with the supplied sanding sponge. Always sand lightly and in the direction of the grain taking care to feather out the sanding as opposed to concentrating on a singular area. Once the stain has been removed apply the broader area with the supplied oil using the white scotch pad and then removing with the supplied cotton cloth.


Treatment of Deeper Scratches or Dents

To treat a deeper scratch you may need to trickle water into the affected area which will cause the wood to swell. Allow the area to dry completely before attempting to sand smooth the spot. If unsuccessful repeat the process. Generally speaking, small scratches and minor dents can be removed by doing the suggested. To treat a scratch on your blackened walnut piece you may need to trickle some of the supplied blackening solution into the scratch. Allow to dry, lightly sand smooth with the supplied sanding sponge and then treat with the supplied oil.